Trade State Logo

We build virtual platforms for communication, sales and distribution. Unique connectivity between users and creators, great risk diversification and a feeling to be unique among the same.

But to feel so you have to build its identity and prove your difference is properly justified. We will always be there to offer you all the necessary products. Make this dream a reality and be sure your imagination makes you search, discover and build something different.

Online marketing, internet distribution and promotion, great diversification of markets of entirely Bulgarian platform to distant lands of Germany and Britain to any part of the globe. For us it does not matter where you are, for us it is important to be helpful and responsible in what we do and what we do is a business and we do it very well.

Using modern technology to the maximum level, our team built a great system for online shopping, which has countless potential for development and multi-million audiences. Our segmentation is not limited to thousands of users, we want to have millionth case, why not one day to become a name that will be remembered and transmitted for generations.

These are not just ambitions; this is something that we look forward to the insight and to meet with the whole idea that we call “A State of Trade”.